About Composing

I have heard of composers being admired for how they write because of their inner need to. I was told about one musician who had pages and pages of compositions that had never been published, and how he wrote because he loved writing and didn’t really care if his work was ever known. When I first heard this, I felt rather small, because I admit that I don’t write just for the sake of the art. I write because I need to express myself through music, and I want that to be heard!

Why talk to yourself when you’re alone? Why learn an instrument but never perform for anyone? Music is meant to be expressed and shared, and that is what this webpage is all about! I love writing music, but if no one wanted to hear it, it would be hard for me to find the motivation to keep writing. I’ve had great response to my CD, “Chimaera,” and so I decided to make each of my compositions available to you, individually, so you can find and download your personal favorites. I’ve also included the scores to my music so you can play them, too. I plan to continue to update this page with my newest works, some of which are already finished and waiting to be included here and will be in the near future.  Thanks for visiting my page, and I really hope you enjoy my music! I’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to write!

If you've publicly performed or recorded one of my compositions, please see the "Performing Artists" section of my webpage, or contact me for more information on this program. I will be making space on my webpage to help advertise and promote guitarists who perform my compositions.

-Andy Mitchell