About the Chimaera CD

The Chimaera CD features original compositions written and played on classical guitar by Peabody graduate, Andy Mitchell, and also includes several other contemporary and romantic works by other composers.  A wide variety of styles are explored as Andy seeks to expand the spectrum of guitar music for the new generation of guitarists.

The title of the CD, "Chimaera," refers to the Greek mythological beast.  This creature was a combination of animals: part lion, part goat, and part dragon.  In biology today, a chimaera is an organism that is a conglomerate of several different organisms.  Andy hopes that his compositions and the other compositions on his CD would be a "Chimaera" of music.  Andy's goal as a composer is for every piece that he writes to have a distinctly different character from the other pieces he has written.


                          Chimaera CD Cover

CD Content:
Insect Kingdom Suite,Part I, by Andy Mitchell
1. March of the Ants  4:21
2. The Butterfly Princess  1:38
Other solo works by Andy Mitchell
3. Ash and Pixie Dust  3:28
4. Pensatina  3:13
5. Ruckschlag  2:40
6. Noctum  3:12
7. Scheeringa  3:21
Augustin Barrios
8. Julia Florida  4:36
Erik Satie
9. Gymnopedie #1  2:30
Carlo Domeniconi
10. Koyunbaba  12:04  (Recorded live at Peabody, 1995)
Nikita Koshkin
11. Usher Waltz  6:17  (Recorded live at Peabody, 1995)


If you are interested in owning the full Chimaera CD, send a request to andy@andymitchellguitar.com and a Paypal invoice for $15 will be sent to you.  Be sure to include your mailing address, and a CD will be mailed once payment has been received. 

If you would prefer not to use Paypal, you can also send your return address and a check for $15 made out to Andy Mitchell at:

                                         Desert Shadows Publishing
                                         8696 Wheatfield Way
                                         Ellicott City, MD 21043


About the Recording:    

Produced by Andy Mitchell                                                                               

Performed on guitars crafted by Gregory Byers and Ricardo Sanchis                       

Digitally Recorded, edited, and mastered by Antonino D'Urzo,                           

Opusrite TM Audio Productions

Cover Design by Doug Maddox, DBM Communications, Inc.