This is where I’ll post the most recent news concerning my music. If you have questions or comments about anything related to this site and what I do, this is the place to post them! (Most recent comments are at the bottom)

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  1. Andy said the following on Aug 15, 11:28 PM — #

    The site is now live! A few updates that are currently in preparation:

    * The sheet music for Scheeringa is being worked on every day, so will soon be posted on the site for download, priced at $4 for the pdf

    * Drift is being notated as well, and the sheet music will also soon be posted on the site for download. However, an mp3 of Drift may take a little longer before it is available as I prepare it for a quality recording. I may wait to post the sheet music until the mp3 is ready, so it can at least be audibly previewed.

    * A new composition is currently in the works and I have completed about half of it. More details will be available soon…

  2. chuck hulihan said the following on Aug 24, 11:20 PM — #

    Hey Andy

    Great site! Looks great, love the clips, and am glad your music is available, I’ll spread the word. -Chuck

  3. Andy said the following on Jan 5, 11:18 AM — #

    The “New Music” page is currently experiencing technical difficulties with the sample clips (the play buttons aren’t working.) In order to hear samples of the music, go to the home page and use the flash player on the left side bar. It is likely a problem with recent browser updates, and does not affect the mp3 or sheet music downloads—that is working fine.
    The webmaster is working to resolve the problem with the sample clips, and it will hopefully be resolved soon.

  4. Andy said the following on Jan 30, 11:15 AM — #

    The “New Music” page is up and running again! Thanks to Sachi Studio for all the time invested in updating code and working with the widget companies to find the errors.

  5. Andy said the following on Mar 17, 11:03 AM — #

    I will be at the GFA Vendor Fair on June 19, 20, and 21. My CD’s and sheet music to my compositions, including new scores for Scheeringa and Drift (soon to appear on this website), will be available. I hope to see you there!

  6. Andy said the following on Mar 30, 01:23 PM — #

    The sheet music for both Scheeringa and Drift are now available on the New Music page. I still need to meet with my recording artist to make a recording of Drift, but I will have that ready within the next 2 months.

  7. Andy said the following on Apr 27, 12:36 PM — #

    New artwork for each composition is now being put on the site in the “New Music” section. A big thank you to graphic designer/artist Grace Hong for her excellent designs! Hard copies of my scores will include Grace’s artwork on the covers. I’m still considering including them with the downloadable sheet music, though they are currently only available when buying the hard copies.

  8. Jeff Savoye said the following on Nov 2, 10:47 AM — #

    I enjoyed your performances during the Halloween tours, so I picked up your CD there. I am currently listening to it, and you are a very expressive guitarist.

  9. Andy said the following on Jun 22, 10:17 PM — #

    Caterpillar Shindig, the 3rd piece in The Insect Kingdom Suite, is now available in the New Music section. Both the mp3 and the score are available for download, and the entire composition can be listened to by pressing the “Listen” button.

    This new piece is very lively, syncopated, modal, and several have said that it is rather melismatic. It is a lot of fun to play, and may even have you dancing in your seat a little. I hope you enjoy it!

  10. Andy said the following on Oct 31, 11:19 PM — #

    I just performed Nikita Koshkin’s “Usher Waltz” at the Westminster Burying Ground in downtown Baltimore, at Edgar Allan Poe’s gravesite. Despite it being really cold (50 degrees and a chilling wind), I think I managed to convey most of Koshkin’s masterful composition under my icy fingers. He wrote the waltz after Poe’s story, “The Fall of the House of Usher,” in which Roderick Usher is slowly descending into madness, playing a waltz on the lyre that becomes more insane with each day. I had a lot of fun swaying to the music of Koshkin’s composition, making demented expressions as I tried to convince everyone I was slowly going insane. I honestly love doing this every single year—what better way to celebrate Halloween? I can’t think of one.