Drift grew out of a melody I wrote a while back when I was asked to compose some music for a production of King Lear. One of my main efforts in this piece was to maintain a mysterious, haunting mood, and I've also tried to use rhythmic pauses to greater effect here than I have in other pieces. Drift has a smaller sibling, called "Glide," which is a short Etude spawned by one of the passages in Drift. Glide is available as a free download.


Drift has been recorded on Valerie Hartzell's CD release, "Ex, Tenebris Lux."


Listen to Valerie's performances of Drift and interviews on:

KUHA 91.7 FM: "The Front Row."


and KUHF 88.7 FM: "The Front Row."  Drift begins about 2 minutes into the program:



An interview with Valerie about her CD can be found at the Washington Times


Valerie's CD, "Ex Tenebris Lux," can be purchased through Amazon or at:

Soundset Recordings

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  1. Andy said the following on Mar 30, 01:24 PM — #

    I’m going to meet with a recording artist soon and get Drift recorded, so an mp3 will soon be available, as well as a sample clip.

  2. Andy said the following on Jun 15, 09:59 PM — #

    I just recorded Drift today, so hopefully the mp3 will be up on the site (including a sample clip) before the end of the week.

  3. Andy said the following on Jun 22, 01:21 AM — #

    Drift is now available as an mp3! I just returned from the GFA convention in NY, and was very pleased to see that Drift was the most popular composition, selling the most copies.

    Drift was played on a guitar by Ross Gutmeier and recorded by Jeff Weir.

  4. LarryA said the following on Dec 27, 01:01 AM — #

    It was a pleasure meeting you at GFA Ithaca. I like Drift very much. Whoever Jeff Weir is he plays it nicely. I’d like to find out if the Gutmeier guitar used on the soundclip is a double top. I’d also like to ask you how your approach is working self publishing the compositions. I too compose and will have some things published next year. It’s funny how it’s hard perhaps more so on guitar than other instruments to overcome the initial skepticism. “Who’s this guy think he is calling himself a composer.” Ha!

  5. Andy said the following on Oct 7, 01:10 PM — #

    Woops, small correction to my 3rd post above, Drift was recorded by Jeff Weir, but played by me on a guitar by Ross Gutmeier.

    Also, if anyone is interested in alternate fingerings to Drift, I have the fingerings that Valerie Hartzell used. Just email me and I’ll send copies of those sections to you.