Andy's Students

I've had students accepted at Berklee College of Music, Mannes, and the Manhattan School of Music, (and into the guitar programs at local Maryland colleges, such as Towson and UMBC) but I wanted to make this page for my students, with work done by my students.  Included here are arrangements they've done and performances they've given, as well as other notable achievements.  Although I've just started this page, here are some examples of what my students have been working on: 


Raquel is a 10-year old student of mine at the Levine School of Music, and she recently took a 2-month break from guitar lessons with me so we could study composition, because she wanted to enter a composition competition. Raquel won 2nd place for her piece, "Journey Through Nature," for her school level in the National PTA Reflections competition!

I was very impressed with and proud of Raquel for her work. She wrote the entire piece herself and I just helped her with concept, form, and taught her how to develop her themes (and also helped her decide on the material that didn't really fit.) One of the judges pointed out that she liked the recap of the opening theme--something Raquel did on her own without me mentioning it. She has a natural sense of theme development and some very creative ideas. Great job, Raquel, I'm proud of you!


Frank has been working with me to learn visualization (a specialized method of memorization) so that he can confidently perform his music.  He has successfully played Carcassi's Etude No. 6 in his first public performance at the BCGS Open Stage night, and has also made a youtube video of a performance by memory.

Frank has also posted a performance of my short composition, "Glide," on youtube.  Glide is available on my website as a free download.


George has studied guitar, ear training, music theory, and guitar composition with me. His composition, "Casa Dolce Casa," is written for solo guitar and is meant to depict the peaceful, relaxing homelife contrasted with busy traffic and the hectic work week. It is available here as a free download:

Download Casa Dolce Casa pdf 

George has also recorded a composition he wrote before studying with me, and has recently worked with me to notate the entire piece. His work, "La Mia Fantasia," can be found here on youtube:

George has also recorded a video of La Paloma and Un Dia de Noviembre for Youtube:


Claire has studied with me for several years and performed at the recital I hold for my guitar studio every year.  She was 13 in this video, playing my composition, "The Butterfly Princess," and Prelude #1 by Heitor Villa-Lobos.


Charley is a student of mine at the Levine School of Music, and I taught him how to arrange music for guitar.  Here is a free pdf file of his arrangement of Mozart's Sonate KV 331 Variation 1 (originally written for piano):

Download Mozart Sonate KV 331 Var1 pdf 


Chris has studied classical guitar with me and has also worked with me on arranging church music.  This is his guitar arrangement of the hymn, "Holy, Holy, Holy," by John B. Dykes:

Download Holy, Holy, Holy pdf